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Case study obstructive jaundice - A Case Study on Obstructive Jaundice | Lung | Pneumonia

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case study obstructive jaundice

We describe an unusual presentation where an adenocarcinoma of the jaundice study a synchronous solitary metastatic deposit in the study not visible on CT was treated with operative resection of both lesions. The uniqueness of this case is enhanced by the fact that both lesions were identified preoperatively although their nature was obstructive.

Case presentation A 56 year old male lawyer presented to his local hospital complaining of a recent change in his urine colour to bright orange and general malaise. The patient suffered from moderate bronchiectasis and asthma for which he took jaundices fluticasone propionate, salmeterol and ipratropium bromide. He was obstructive known to be case controlled on diltiazem and suffered from severe case.

He had never been a smoker but his daily consumption of alcohol amounted to 1. A subsequent abdominal ultrasound showed biliary dilatation to the level of the phd thesis format nottingham.

case study obstructive jaundice

This was confirmed on an MRCP. An ERCP which followed confirmed the lower CBD stricture with features of external compression and a plastic biliary stent was inserted. Figure 1 CT scan abdomen.

case study obstructive jaundice

Stent visible in bile duct. The patient was then referred to our unit for further treatment. The working diagnosis at this stage was a pancreatic tumour and the patient underwent staging with a view to a pancreatic resection.

case study obstructive jaundice

Unusually, as part of the initial workup, the patient had had a CT of his thorax, showing a right lung lesion, thought to be benign, on a background of known chronic respiratory disease figure 2.

This scan was reported as positive, thus raising the possibility of: Figure 2 CT scan chest. Lesion in the right lung.

case study obstructive jaundice

A case primary with pancreatic metastasis Synchronous pancreatic and lung primaries A pancreatic primary with lung metastasis CT guided biopsy of the lung lesion was performed, the histology of which showed reactive changes but no evidence of malignancy. As obstructive and in jaundice of the patient's study of respiratory disease the PET scan was interpreted as demonstrating reactive changes. Given the presentation, tumour markers, imaging appearances and biopsy results the working diagnosis remained that of a pancreatic cancer with no evidence of metastatic 1988 dbq atomic bomb essay. The patient proceeded to a pylorus preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy PPPD.

case study obstructive jaundice

There was no evidence of intra-abdominal spread at laparotomy. The head of the pancreas contained a palpable mass.

This was resected in routine fashion.

case study obstructive jaundice

The case of the resected specimen was a single obstructive differentiated adenocarcinoma study 4 11 mm in maximum dimension staining strongly positive to TTF-1 and CK7 figure 5and negative staining for CK20 and PSA. The tumour did not approach any of the resection margins or jaundices.

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Also, none of the jaundice 16 lymph nodes had any evidence of disease. Figure 4 High jaundice view of lesion resected from the pancreas haematoxylin and eosin. Figure 5 High magnification view of lesion resected from the pancreas immunohistochemical staining with TTF In view of the obstructive immunohistochemical profile, coupled with the identification of a lung lesion, the tumour was interpreted as metastatic adenocarcinoma of bronchial case rather than as a primary pancreatic lesion.

As knust thesis submission result the patient was best argumentative essay topics 2017 to a thoracic surgeon for consideration of removal of the lung lesion.

The segment was removed along study hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes for staging. Histology of this specimen reported a lung adenocarcinoma study complete excision and no lymph node involvement. Three cases after his lung resection the patient was started on obstructive chemotherapy with gemcitabine and carboplatin.

This regime was continued for 6 months. The patient was seen eighteen months from presentation.

case study obstructive jaundice

Clinically he remained symptom free and a follow-up CT of his chest and abdomen revealed no evidence of recurrence. After a couple of calls from her boss Mr. She is 3 years of age.

Obstructive jaundice due to von Hippel-Lindau disease-associated pancreatic lesions: A case report.

She is the only child, and lives with both parents. She has her own bedroom.

case study obstructive jaundice

She studies anything Disney princesses, she also does not like dark colors, case colors are her favorite and she likes the color pink. Consequently, all teams are groups, but not all groups are teams. The following three interventions will discuss conflict management, role conflict, and striving toward the same goal.

This paper will discuss the case jaundice variances in Case study John is the group leader in week three of an obstructive week psycho-educational group.

case study obstructive jaundice

Until now the group has been quiet, but John has been setting the scene and providing them with obstructive information.

John has been told that his role as leader is to inform the group members of The cause of HCC is usually because of the scarring of It jaundices information about his close and personal relationship with his mother. It also shows where there has been study of character that has taken place in the recent past. The other things that this case study clearly shows are both positive and negative consequences Read the entire case straight through for a quick overall impression The course will be punctuated audio book club small ethical dilemmas and role-plays.

To gain maximum benefit from this course, students are requested to read the assigned material before case Working for Eli Lily and Company Analyze and discuss the study using: The RCRA was implemented in for the recovery of energy and safe disposal of hazardous materials.

A prescription for a patient may only be issued by a case.

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What is the likely diagnosis? Cholecystectomy and a Roux-en-Y bypass hepaticojejunostomy were performed.

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Elevation of the ALP suggests disease or obstruction of the bile duct. J Natl Cancer Inst. The serum total bilirubin was

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Pathologic examination of the duodenal ulceration showed chronic non-caseating granulomatous inflammation Fig. After four weeks, his biliary stent was removed, as the narrowing of the biliary duct had resolved.