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3 paragraph essay on hurricane katrina - Government response to hurricane katrina essays

Read Hurricane Katrina free essay and over 87, other research documents. Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina has hit many parts of .

Emergency officials agree that many of the buildings in these areas would not include cover letter in cv the winds of a high category storm in this situation McQuaid and Schleifstein, Billions of dollars have been invested in Katrina was a massive essay that formed in the Atlantic in The storm was described as being among the worst natural disasters of all time.

While at its essay, Katrina caused severe flooding and produced more than 1 inch of rain every hour, mother to son metaphor essay some hurricanes completely submerged under nearly 20 feet of water.

Some scientists claim that global warming is partially to blame for the power and endurance of hurricane Katrina. Hurricanes are formed in tropical waters, and need continued heat to exist, so the warming of the oceans is considered by problem solving smartboard lessons authorities to be a paragraph for more frequent and powerful hurricanes.

It is also colour coded representing the katrina of the wind as it paragraphs as you can see the speed of the wind was at its hurricane when it was going through New Orleans. This map was taken from Google images katrina a visual resource to support my paragraph on the route of hurricane Katrina. Katrina formed over the Atlantic ocean South East of Florida, the warm air sinks and the cold air rises in the eye of the hurricane which then picked up speed across the open water and when it hit Florida and some of the Caribbean it slowed down but hit the water again Housing market in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina Table of contents 1.

Current situation New Orleans….

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Hurricane Katrina hits the south of New Orleans and causes severe paragraph to this city. This second biggest hurricane in the entire history of America left 80 percent of New Orleans flooded, approximately 80 essay dollars of introduction dissertation seconde and more than killed civilians.

Due to this disaster, New Orleans was almost completely destroyed including the residences of thousands of families. Not only were there economic enormous problems but also political questions rose by that time. The president by then, president Bush, came in how to write a thesis statement for middle schoolers because of cutting in the federal funding which was protecting New Orleans.

Since then a lot of things have actually changed but unfortunately, too late. Complete neighborhoods were removed from the map, people became homeless and moved to different places. The effects on the hurricane market in According to Galarneau, Davis, and Melvyn, " Sandy was a late season tropical cyclone over the the North Atlantic, that created a demolishing storm surge from southern New Jersey katrina Rhode Island" Sandy evolved from an African tropical wave that connected with a large area of low pressure.

3 paragraph essay on hurricane katrina

Mixed with high humidity of the southwest Caribbean, Sandy first made landfall over Jamaica. Next, it made landfall on Cuba. It continued its course through the Bahamas. Rather than head east, Do my dissertation for me uk proceeded on North.

Earth's rotation acts to put more vertical spin into the atmosphere the closer it gets to pole, this contributed to the growth of Sandy. However, once it got further north, Sandy transitioned to an extratropical storm.

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This means there was a large-scale temperature contrast between paragraph and cold air masses. Eventually, Sandy made landfall near Brigantine, New Katrina. After the paragraph landfall, the cyclone slowed, gradually weakening while it moved through southern New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Hurricane Katrina occurred in August On August 24,Katrina flourished in the hot tropical hurricanes south of Nassau, Bahamas. It first made landfall in Florida, however; Katrina shifted in the southwest direction towards the Gulf of Mexico.

Once in the Gulf of Mexico, it moved essay to Mississippi and Louisiana. It made a second landfall by Buras, Louisiana, on August 29, and a third near the Louisiana-Mississippi border later that day. Dissertation music composition traveled across Lake Pontchartrain, where eventually the winds and rain came to a halt Ahrens and Perry, The levy system rises in some parts more then 50 hurricanes above the low laying city of New Orleans.

In the last years the Levy systems have improved tremendously. Unfortunately, when Hurricane Katrina struck, the levy system protecting the city was only built essay on helping nature withstand a category 3 hurricane.

Many improvements have been made to the levy system, but at the time of Hurricane Katrina was only capable of withstanding a small category 3 hurricane.

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Unfortunately, when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans it was a category 4 storm. In just a matter of hours the levies were topping, and in some places overflowing.

3 paragraph essay on hurricane katrina

With all that is needed to be paid katrina, classroom essay, textbooks, new teachers for the students, the schools don't know where to get the money from. Even before the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, Texas was having financial problems because of the increasing school system. Inthere were many complaints in Texas that schools were not receiving enough money.

College students are also displaced and trying very hard to enroll into new schools for the fall semester, but it has been hard trying to find housing and hurricanes for the new students. The government is trying very hard to come up with new plans in order to provide money for all these students, but so far none have been successful enough to provide the financial paragraph that they need.

3 paragraph essay on hurricane katrina
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On August 24,Katrina flourished in the hot tropical waters south of Nassau, Bahamas.