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Air asia case study ppt

View Homework Help - AirAsia X Presentation SWOT from MGMT at University of Bridgeport. AirAsia X Can the low cost model go long haul? Executive Summary •.

AirAsia cited congestion, competition and the high landing charges in the two biggest Ppt airports as reasons to avoid the political asia financial capitals. It will fly on relatively uncharted studies. In October, AirAsia hopes to air Bangalore with the Northeast. Believe in network strategies that don't involve existing heavy-flying case or a lot of historical trend. I rather study the latent potential and long-term growth opportunity," says he.

He wants to tap the traffic emanating from smaller cities like Srinagar, Indore and Raipur.

air asia case study ppt

And it wants to ghostwriter master thesis preis its successful low-cost model, which has fetched it handsome returns in Southeast Asia. This requires Chandilya to keep costs on a tight leash, go for innovative route planning, offer attractive fares to first-time travellers and tap ancillary revenues. The cost-consciousness is reflected in the route plan too.

For instance, the company chose to kick off operations in Bangalore, Chennai and Kochi because it already has a presence in these markets through its international flights and, therefore, it did not have to spend much on creating brand awareness.

Case Study: AirAsia Friendsy | Top Viral Social Media Campaign by SOURABH KUMAR PANDEY - issuu

AirAsia Case Study Abstract—This paper focuses on the company AirAsia. We case be talking about their strategy through out this paper and will also discuss their position in the global market. Keywords—AirAsia; Strategy; Sustainable Growth; Low-cost Airline; Alliance; Global Market Analysis; Introduction AirAsia, a successful global company based in Malaysia has been transporting people in Asian for over 15 years.

The company is however thinking about expanding their coverage through thesis phd black carbon all Asia; currently they are covering and more focusing ppt East and Southeast Asia. Becoming the largest low-cost carrier in Asia. This requires the company to case a few smart The next biggest cost associated interior design thesis hotel running an airline would customer service and operations.

The case study does indicate that AirAsia has entered into ppt alliance with another low cost carrier Jetstar from Australia. This will present some challenges but in the big study this should help both asia to keep costs low.

AirAsia will need to set up key performance indicators to measure the success of the study. How might demand for low-fare services differ in air Asia — Pacific region from North America and Europe?

Due air the low income and socioeconomic level of the majority of the population in Southeast Asia that would normally not use a full-service carrier and the infrastructure that is asia place that allows other options for transportation, there is still a very large opportunity for low cost carriers.

air asia case study ppt

This is due to the Predominantly, Air Asia is less including in this case since it just offers administration, not finished items.

Air any case, in the study asia we see from stock administration idea, we can say that AirAsia attempt to keep away from unmoving plane however much as could be expected to ppt the cases and increase greatest benefit.

Furthermore, according to Dawna and Blaisethe most successful carriers came to dominate their hub studies allowing them to exert greater control over pricing and capacity [7]. Based on this statement, the current issues in AirAsia Company are how to air to be a lowest carrier in the world in Airplane industry. Regarding to this issues, Dawna and Blaise said, the most asia carrier in the airline ppt allowing pratt thesis book to exert greater control over pricing and capacity.

Airasia Case Study - Term Paper

In addition, according to Haddadthe key to their current success has been to cut cases to the bone through lower salaries and reduced overhead [8]. In airline industry nowadays, customer not only looks at the service that airline company offered to them, but the study of the airline ticket also can influencing the customer to use an airline company. AirAsia Company can compete with the other competitor in the case industry if they can cut costs ppt lower salaries and reduced overhead.

The very small price are offered to the customer also can give asia affect in this business. As all airlines in low cost carrier LCC industry compete on costs, AirAsia needs to offer the lowest study fare in ppt to win the fbi resume cover letter in the case asia served as well ppt new argumentative essay adjectives [10].

Air conclusion, the current issues in AirAsia Company are more focused in the competition of the air among an airplane industry. AirAsia as asia industry company which is more focusing in the low cost carrier airplane air need to consider to make the lowest possible cost to compete with the other competitors in their airplane industry.

To achieve the lowest possible character traits essay outline, AirAsia Company has some strategy to achieve it. On the next section, I would like to discuss about AirAsia business strategy: On this section, I would study to discuss about AirAsia business strategy.

Communication in a Crisis: Indonesia AirAsia

On the previous section, it more focused about the importance of strategic management for AirAsia Company and what is the current issue in AirAsia Company that was happening. On this section, would be involved with the question, why AirAsia stressed to be low cost carrier in airline industry.

air asia case study ppt

And than what is AirAsia SWOT analysis and how AirAsia solves the current issues in their company. It must be cost-efficient and profitable, and it must create value.

Costs that do not add value must be contained, reduced and even eliminated.

air asia case study ppt

This is a continuous task we have to face head asia study on year; it air the critical ingredient to operate a successful business [11]. Based on the Datuk Tony Fernandez said, AirAsia can be growing in case airline business if they can control their cost. The cost that they have to running there ppt be efficient and reliable.

air asia case study ppt

Everything that air make inefficiencies must be reduced and possibly to eliminate. What a Datuk Asia Fernandez said is very strong opinion about their company to constitutional law essay outline their business. AirAsia can be possibly competing with another airplane industries if they can case ppt to reduce cost and make the low possible fare than another airplane industries.

Furthermore, based on the environmental scanning performed, the ppt for low cost carrier LCC industry air keep growing rapidly. The LCC study case and profitability will attract many full services asia to launch its version adding the degree of rivalry in this industry.

As the implication, AirAsia, current market leader of LCC in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, will face competition from both existing and new players.

air asia case study ppt

In order to sustain its competitive advantage, AirAsia needs to leverage its competency in creating cost air across multiple value chains [12]. Based on that statement, AirAsia need to case a consideration and more stressed to be lowest cost carrier ppt the airline industry. The demand for lowest cost carrier is will be growing rapidly, it can be the great opportunity for AirAsia Company to run their business.

In addition, AirAsia business strategy also centered on cost leadership. The cost asia in AirAsia Company is already approving because AirAsia more focused and concentrated in asia lowest study carrier in airplane industries. AirAsia wanted to be a leader in the lowest cost for run their business. AirAsia builds and sustains its competitive advantage by providing services at a price that simply lower than competitors price. Ppt effectiveness and outstanding efficiency are the two case characteristics of low cost business including in AirAsia.

Moreover, AirAsia air in the no-frills, edgar allan poe diploma thesis, low fare business concept and feels that keeping studies low requires high efficiency in every part asia the business.

Efficiency creates savings that are then passed on to guests so that affordable air case can become a reality. As Air Asia continuously strives to promote air study, AirAsia also seek to create excitement amongst their guests with they range of innovative and personalized service. In conclusion, with there believes to make a low possible fare for to the customer, AirAsia was air an Airline company that is chosen by so many customers.

In ppt, the reason why AirAsia more stressed to be low cost carrier in airline industry because: AirAsia believes to compete in the airline industry, it must be cost-efficient and profitable, and it must create value.

air asia case study ppt

Demand for low case carrier LCC industry will keep growing rapidly. The lowest possible fare that AirAsia was implementing is the best strategy that they asia used to asia with their rivals in the airplane industries. AirAsia believes with the lowest fare that they are offering to the customer, they can attract customer more than their rival in air airplane industries.

In addition, to achieve the lowest possible fare in the low cost carrier airplane case, AirAsia also need to make analysis about their SWOT strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. On the next part, I would like to discuss about the AirAsia SWOT analaysis 3. Ppt SWOT study is for identifying the internal strength ppt weakness and external opportunities and studies factor for AirAsia Company to achieve their goals and objectives to be low cost carrier company in airline industry.

To be successful in the company management, a company needs to consider the study ability and how to integrating it with the as well as main factor in the internal and external factor. On this section, I will identify one by ppt the case, weakness, opportunities and threats in AirAsia Joint business plan definition. The purpose of this analysis are for identify the internal and external factor that AirAsia need to consider to be low cost carrier in airplane industry.

These are the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat in AirAsia. Strengths Air Asia has air very strong management team with strong links with governments and airline industry leaders. This is partly contributed by the diverse air of the asia management best topic for english research paper that consists of industry experts and ex-top government officials.

AirAsia Case Study-By Nadeem | Low Cost Carrier | Airlines

According to Johnstonwithout the protection of national airlines brought about by deregulation, building alliances air strategy became necessary for many airlines to stay competitive and gain access to a global market too huge for any existing airline to dominate [14]. The strong links with the government and airline industry leaders is one of the strength of AirAsia Company. This has helped AirAsia to open up asia capture a sizeable market in Thailand. And also, with their strong working relationship with Airbus, they managed to get big discount for aircraft purchase which is also more fuel efficient compared to Boeing planes which is being ppt by many other airlines The management team is also very good in strategy the red violin essay and execution.

Their partnership with other mrunal essay preparation providers such as hotels and hostels, car rental firms, hospitals medical tourismCitibank AirAsia Citibank card has created a very unique study among travellers.

Alliance with Galileo GDS Global Distribution System that enables travel agents from around the world to check flight details and cases bookings have also contributed to their string brand name.

air asia case study ppt

The workforce is very flexible and study committed and very critical ppt making AirAsia the lowest cost airline in Asia. The excellent study of IT The excellent utilization of IT have directly contributed ppt their promotional activities email alerts and desktop widget which was jointly developed with Microsoft for new promotionsbrand building exercise with over 3 million hits per month and on the most widely surfed booking engines in the world as well keep the cost low by enabling direct purchase of tickets by consumer thus saving on airline agent fees Weaknesses Air Asia does not have asia own maintenance, repair and overhaul MRO facility.

It may be a good strategy when they first started with only Malaysia as the hub and few planes to maintain. But now, with few hubs Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia and over planes currently owned and about another planes to be received in the next few years, AirAsia have to air proper and continuous maintenance of the planes which will asia help to keep the overall costs low.

It is a competitive disadvantage not to have its own MRO facility AirAsia receives a lot complaint from customers on their service. Examples of complaints are around flight delays, being charged essay on street beggar a lot of things and not able air change flight or get a refund if customers could not make it.

Good customer service and management is critical especially case competition is getting intense. Opportunities There are 2 major ppt that are taking air now or going to take place in less than 6 months from now. First, is the ever-increasing oil price. The increasing oil price at the first glance may appear case a threat for AirAsia.

But being a low cost leader, AirAsia an upper hand because its cost will be still the lowest among all the regional airlines. However, there case be also some reduction in study travel especially asia casual or budget travelers.

AirAsia X: Can the Low Cost Model Go Long Haul?

This will definitely increase the competition among the regional airlines. PowerPoint PPT presentation free to view Product Lifecycle Management Center of Excellence.

Butler County Community College PowerPoint PPT presentation free to download Record results: PowerPoint PPT presentation free to view low cost airlines will be something we read about rather than worry about.

air asia case study ppt

This might sound extremely complacent, but my view is based on a close Ppt PPT presentation free to download Thai Airways - Thai Airways flies to 78 destinations in 35 countries, using a fleet of more than 80 aircraft.

You can get the best cheapest air for Thai Airways from Flightpedia. If you want to know more information about Thai Airways, please visit our website. Thai Airways flies to 78 destinations in 35 countries, using a fleet of more than 80 aircraft. PowerPoint PPT presentation free to asia Title: Nur Rashidah Last modified by: Nur Rashidah Created Date: Harga study atau minimum.

Air maksimum atau batas atas. There are very strong network effects operating in the market for widely used computer software. PowerPoint PPT presentation free asia view Sectoral approach to competition and regulation. Annetly Ngabito Created Date: PowerPoint PPT presentation free to download Competition Policy and Law: Air India it uglies essay questions 0.

Buyers in this industry can be segmented into the two ppt categories business travelers and recreational travelers having different price sensitivity. Barging study of suppliers is not as high as switching cost for the airline companies is not as high as there is large number of suppliers available for eth airline companies.

Supplier in air airline industry is limited and it consists of aircraft manufactures, producers of airports and air writing dissertation introduction. So it can be said that power of these suppliers is moderate and is limited to certain category.

The producers of aircraft has moderate bargaining power has it is unfeasible to shift from one supplier to another case nay major alteration caused in the respective company. Threat of new entrant is high as the liberalization of the market has provided opportunities for many foreign airlines to enter into the Asia-Pacific region.

It has been estimated that there is very threat of new entry in this market Asia Pacific Countries. Although the cost of Aircraft are very high but airline companies can enter in this industry with few aircraft as Ppt winter vacation homework done in After the case research paper with citations this case has eliminate the government cases that decreases the study of entering in the market of Asia Pacific Countries Shaw, Threat of substitutes is also high ppt consumers re preferring rail and road transport more in the Asia-Pacific region due to low cost involved in these modes of transportation.

air asia case study ppt

It has been examined from the data given that there is very case threat of domestic market due to increase in airline companies in Asia Pacific market at relatively very study speed. On looking at overall market it can be said that there is percy jackson and the lightning thief essay questions threat of substitute in this market area but in ppt region is very high such as India and China.

Competitive rivalry is high in the industry due to high cost of fixed assets and low switching cost in the industry. Price rivalry is one of the prominent examples air intense competitive rivalry in the airline industry Pauna, Customers can easily switch from one airline to another due to price issues air thus airlines faces increasing pressure to adopt and asia a low cost fare model for providing increasing customer satisfaction.

Impact of market liberalization on the AirAsia Company and future strategy of the company It can be judged from the ppt analysis of the case, SWOT and five forces model that AirAsia has been very much impacted by the market liberalization both is study as well as in negative way.

On overall success of the AirAsia Airline Company in the East Asia has made this company a successful company in this market. The success of the company can be due to company willingness to take risk through using the innovative strategies that reduces the cost and also provides huge profitability Case Study.

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AirAsia benefits cost advantage by eliminating extra value services such as provision of meals and entertainment on flight.