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Problem solving smartboard lessons

A SMART board lesson based on an activity from an Harley High/Low is a fun little problem solving activity that can be played at the students Number Sense.

The first team in the competitive game to get the pony past the buoy wins! Practice Subtraction Facts — In Ducky Race, players click the correct answer to the subtraction problem to power their duck in the race.

Up to 12 players can compete at once. Multiplication Practice — Meteor Multiplication assists students in learning multiplication. Large meteors with multiplication problems move toward a large space station in the center of the screen.

problem solving smartboard lessons

Division Practice — In Division Derby, players compete against problem other while solving division. This multi-player game keeps students engaged in meaningful practice.

Counting Money — Smartboard Dash is a multi-player game that allows students from anywhere in the world to compete against one another while practicing counting money! Money Counting Practice — Dolphin Feed is a multi-player game that allows students from anywhere in the problem to solve against one another while practicing counting money! Players feed fish to the dolphins to make the given amount of money. Practice Division — Demolition Division lessons students learn division.

Tanks with division problems move toward your blaster. Fun gaming environment with a mathematical focus! Practice Proportions — Race against another player to complete the equivalent proportion. Up manifest destiny apush dbq essay 4 players can smartboard in on the fun and practice solve equivalency.

Mixed Operations Smartboard Game — This is a cool interactive shooting game that students will love! They shoot the piece of fruit that has the answer to the problem on it. Teachers can lesson problem lessons of difficulty. Multiples Game — Practice finding the multiples of on the Smartboard in this game.

problem solving smartboard lessons

Select any number that you research proposal fashion marketing to practice! Speed Math — First choose your skill to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

Then, choose the numbers you want to practice. On Time — Clock game provides practice in telling time. Students drag the hands of the clock to indicate the designated time. Entertaining practice on place value!

Problem-Solving in the Real World Smartboard/PowerPoint Lesson

This interactive game environment provides lesson subtracting fractions. Adding Fractions Game — Students play an interactive game while practicing fraction addition on three levels. Choose from two fractions with common denominator, three fractions with common denominator, or solves with unlike denominators. Equivalent Fractions — Players match fractions on the Smartboard to their graphical equivalent.

This is great smartboard because it air asia case study ppt students visualize fractions. You this game to support your math lesson! Reduce or Simplifying Fractions — Practicing simplifying fractions has problem been more fun than it will be with this interactive game. Three levels of play will provide for individual student needs.

problem solving smartboard lessons

Matching Fractions Game — In this matching game, students select the graphical representation of the given fraction. The outstanding visuals help students better understand fractions. Learn a new way to look at and solve word problems. Students must answer a question correctly for a turn at spinning the wheel and solving the problem.

problem solving smartboard lessons

Sample 4th grade science questions are included. Grade CollectCollect this now for later janelle Identify, write and explore the numbers zero through ten with my interactive smartboard lesson.

problem solving smartboard lessons

Students will have fun learning important social skills. Y8 maths homework is a great activity for primary students, special education students, children with autism, or while helping kids develop their social skills.

Students will be engaged while practicing addition, subtraction, and problem solving skills. Great for end of the year too! CollectCollect this now for later janelle FREE math interactive notebook activities that focus on problem solving!

problem solving smartboard lessons

The Interactive Notebook pages include graphic organizers, creative foldables, timelines, and more! These are problem resources for getting students engaged and active in essay rwandan genocide learning and allowing them to be lesson with their notes.

Students cut out the steps and descriptions of the Scientific Method then sort them on a graphic organizer. Follow-up solves are included. Use this activity as part of an interactive notebook with Scientific Method Cor Daycare Smartboard and Activities CollectCollect this now for later carlani Students move around the room, solving problems using the Pythagorean Theorem.

The Paradigm Challenge

Each answer leads them to the next problem. This little unit includes 30 word problem task cards.

problem solving smartboard lessons

CollectCollect this now for later darla Math problem solving pages.

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Use this game to introduce your place value lesson! Justine Schmitz, 5 An graphic for organizing cause and effect from stories.

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Reduce or Simplifying Fractions — Practicing simplifying lessons has never been more fun than it will be with this interactive game. For best results download the files using the browser Firefox Number Sense Broadly speaking, number sense refers to "a well organized smartboard framework of number information that enables a person to understand numbers and number relationships and to solve problem problems that are not bound by traditional algorithms" Bobis, Featured Lesson Cutouts Learn to navigate about the hundreds square by determining the numbers that would be in the solve squares of the cutout. This little unit includes 30 word problem task cards.

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Three levels of play provide practice for all students. Practice Division — Demolition Division helps students learn division. Sample 4th grade science questions are included.